Gil Zapata 
The company was founded by Gil Zapata who has served as its President since 2003.  He has directed the firm's development since its foundation. Prior to KGFA Capital Ventures, Gil was the CEO of KGFA Capital Partners and  the Executive V.P.. at Bankers Securities Corp., an Investment Banking Boutique and Direct Lending Firm.  Initially, he started his career with John Hancock Financial Services in 1996.  Since 1996, Gil has been involved in numerous financial transactions in a wide range of industries acting as a placement agent, loan broker, direct investor, passive investor, or consultant.  Gil earned a B.A. degree, from Florida International University with majority of coursework at Florida State University.  Subsequently, he completed graduate school at Florida International University and Executive Education Programs at Harvard Business School, respectively.  He has obtained several licenses from the FL. Department of Financial Services and National Association of Securities Dealers in an array of financial service areas.  Mr. Zapata is also an Independent Consultant for a Multinational Corporate Advisory Firm, CEO Advisors.  There is no affiliated business arrangement by and between KGFA Capital & CEO Advisors.  Services are independent and not correlated.  

Frank Calonje 
Mr. Frank Calonje has a career being a comptroller for numerous companies including Black & Decker. Also, he was the previous comptroller for KGFA Capital Parnters LLC, where our foundation originates from as a mortgage brokerage operation in the beginning of 2003. Mr. Calonje managed all the books for KGFA Capital and kept the company liquid until 2008.  Mr. Calonje holds a BA in finance and accounting from INCAE, an affiliate of Harvard in Central America. 

Jack J Kelly 
Mr. Jack Kelly resides in the West Coast in Texas.  He was a personal and financial advisor with Wachovia Bank N.A. and Wachovia Securities for over 8 years.  Today, he is the leading the leading Account Executive for Icon Business Solutions in Texas.  Mr. Kelley was also a co-founder of KGFA Capital Parnters LLC and helped KGFA Capital Partners mortgage operation and dealer financing unit build a network with over 50 personal bankers as referral partners.  Also, he managed all banking affairs and partial financial matters of the company. Mr. Kelly holds a B.A. from FIU and post graduate studies from University of Florida. 

Cesar Arana
Mr. Arana has operated numerous ventures on-line.  In addition, he has held numerous independent assignments with fortune 500 companies in direct sales.  He has assisted the new venture in setting up ( in numerous ways.  Mr. Arana, holds a Bachelor in Arts from FIU and a Masters in Business Administration from Florida International University.

Roberto Arguello, Outside & Business Consultant to Our Firm
CEO Advisors previously served as the business consulting firm to KGFA Capital Partners LLC.  Mr. Arguello was Mr. Zapata‚Äôs mentor and personal advisor in
1996.  They have maintained a business and personal relationship for 15 years.  CEO Advisors is now serving as KGFA's business consulting arm and providing services to potential clients who may need business consulting services in numerous areas. Mr. Arguello is veteran in the financial service industry, corporate consulting industry, and banking industry.  He was  Vice-President for Northern Trust Bank, he was Executive Vice President of LAFISE (largest Investment Banking Firm in Central America), and has provided advisory and consulting services to prominent companies like Mc Donalds, Holiday Inn, Budget, Promerica, and Some of the Most Prestigious Multinational Corporations in Central America, South America & The Caribbean.  Mr. Arguello holds an MBA from Notre Dame University.  Mr. Arguello is an Independent Consultant for KGFA Capital Ventures. 

For More Information on Investment Opportunities Write to: or Call Us at: Toll-Free: 8888-505-5835 

KGFA Capital Ventures 
848 Brickell Avenue 6th Floor 
Miami FL 33131
Tol-Free: 888-505-5835

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